has been making its liqueurs since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of Burgundy in the middle of the burgundian orchards.

The company initially won recognition with the outstanding quality of its Crèmes de Cassis & Fruits Liqueurs.

Today its expertise, associated with modern processing techniques, is revealed in the excellence of Védrenne Products.

The Vedrenne range is rich in variety with both classic and original flavours.

  • Crèmes de Cassis and Fruit Liqueurs
  • Aperitifs, and fortified wines
  • Fruit Eaux de Vie and Brandies
  • Fruit Syrups

Every year VEDRENNE liqueurs receive numerous medals for their exceptional quality in prestigious international blind-tasting competitions.

VEDRENNE’s famous SUPERCASSIS Crèmes de Cassis & Fruits Liqueurs collects the highest number of awards for blackcurrant liqueur anywhere in the world!

VEDRENNE brings your cocktails alive

VEDRENNE is the third leading French producer of fruit liqueurs and cocktail liqueurs and incontestable leader in the upmarket segment for connoisseurs, bartenders and mixologists as well as cocktails lovers.




In 2001, VEDRENNE created the CASSISSIUM, the most important and interesting place in the world where you can discover and learn everything about the burgundian black pearl: blackcurrant.

The guided tour includes the visit of the VEDRENNE cellars and liquor factory of the famous Crèmes de Cassis & Fruits Liqueurs.

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